It’s time to tackle the hard issues

I founded The National Jurist in 1991 with the mission of educating law students, and helping them have a more meaningful law school experience.  I felt that the more students knew about legal education and how their school stacked up with others, the more they could be involved in the discussion on how to improve things.

Over the years we have armed our readers with news, comparison stories and profiles to help educate and inspire action. And as the years passed, more and more of our readers were legal educators — deans, professors and other administrators.

This year one of our goals is to “be active participants in truly improving the legal education community.”

As part of that effort, we launched The National Jurist Insider e-newsletter, which is designed to provide law professors and administrators with the latest news and commentary on hot button issues.

We invite your feedback and commentary on the hard issues that we face in legal education. By sharing your thoughts, concerns and creative ideas, we hope to enliven the debate, and open it up to a useful and pertinent discussion.

I encourage you to write me at and share your thoughts — whether feedback to a story or commentary on a subject we have yet to cover. We will find a place — on our website, in this newsletter or in our magazine — to share your views with the community.

As for us, we have plans to tackle several issues this year including: do we need to teach morality in law school?; How can we help law students retain their passion to make the world a better place? and What can we do to help law students live a well-balanced life?

It’s time to tackle the hard issues and, in turn, improve the level of discussion in the legal education community. 

As Winston Churchill said, “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”

By Jack Crittenden, Editor-in-Chief