The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University

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Basic Information

Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University is a law school that has been on the move as of late. It’s improved its standing in rankings and it moved from Tempe to a new building in downtown Phoenix in 2016. Its building is one of the best in the West, earning an A. 

“No law school has risen farther or faster than ASU, which happens due to increasing credentials of our incoming classes,” Dean Douglas Sylvester said.

The school recently surpassed in-state rival University of Arizona when it comes to median LSAT and GPA.

“I think we are the most student-centered law school in the country in that we have more career services faculty than probably any other law school in the country,” Sylvester said.

That has helped the school excel in job placement. It reported the highest employment percentage in the Southwest region at 92.4 percent. That, combined with a 92.8 percent ultimate bar pass rate for the Class of 2016, helped the school place No. 22 in the nation for best value. 

The law school offers post-graduate and alumni services that are focused on job placement and helping increase the success of its graduates. It is the only law school of its kind to be associated with a local law firm that teaches students in a hospital intern style.

“You interview, and if you’re hired you spend two years essentially doing rounds,” Sylvester said. “These are real cases [where students are] representing real middle-income clients in civil litigation, criminal defense, veterans affairs, family law and general litigation. These are paying clients. Students learn under the tutelage of a real lawyer, and they can be fired just like a hospital intern.”

Strengths: Health law, Intellectual property, Environmental law

Admission Profile
Application Deadline: 
11/15, 3/1
Application Fee: 


Financial Aid Deadline: 


75th Percentile1643.9
25th Percentile1583.37
Financial Profile
Tuition Part-time
Living Expenses
Median grant$20000
Percent receiving grants64.00%
Estimated net tuition
Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Post-grad employment 92.40%
NJ Employment86.09
Bar Passage74.33%
Academic Profile
Best Law Schools 2018: Best Value: 
Best Law Schools 2019: Most Diverse: 
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Business, Corporate, Banking
Criminal Law and Procedure
Environmental/Natural Resource Law
Health Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Technology Law
Trial Advocacy