Vanderbilt University Law School

Vanderbilt University Law School

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Basic Information

Vanderbilt University Law School is the most prestigious and most expensive law program in Tennessee and is ranked 15th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. It is ranked even high, No. 7, in preLaw and National Jurist magazines. That is due to very strong employment and bar pass numbers, and quality of teaching.

With a median LSAT score of 169 and tuition at $47,746, Vanderbilt is both hard to get into and expensive. Its students also have the highest average indebtedness in the region.

However, with only 175 students admitted each year, it can offer a personal education. This personal experience begins during the application process according to Dean of Admissions G. Todd Morton. The Vanderbilt University alumni network is strong and vast, meaning law school applicants are offered in-person interviews in their area. 

“Interviews allow us to learn more about prospective students than from their applications alone, which helps us to maintain the challenging and collegial professional culture prized by our students and alumni,” Morton said.

Vanderbilt is located in the heart of Nashville, which means it has the urban resources to offer a bevy of externships, clinical programs and summer fellowships.

“We are fortunate to be situated on a world-class university campus in the heart of the major legal, economic and political center of Nashville, a city with a remarkable blend of cosmopolitan sophistication and the feel of a friendly small town,” Morton said. 

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Admission Profile
Application Deadline: 
Application Fee: 


Financial Aid Deadline: 


75th Percentile1683.85
25th Percentile1623.5
Financial Profile
Tuition Part-time
Living Expenses
Median grant$25000
Percent receiving grants91.00%
Estimated net tuition
Employment & Bar Exam Profile
Post-grad employment 89.80%
NJ Employment89.62
Bar Passage94.09%
Academic Profile
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Business, Corporate, Banking
Criminal Law and Procedure
Environmental/Natural Resource Law
Governmental Affairs and Regulations
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Public Interest/Social Justice
Technology Law
Trial Advocacy