Best Value Private Schools

When preLaw magazine complies its annual list of Best Value Law Schools, public institutions normally dominate the ranking. That’s no shock. Many are state-supported and can offer cheaper tuition.

But some private schools do indeed offer Best Value according to our metrics, which include tuition costs, total debt, cost of living and employment outcomes.

So we also create a list of the top Best Value private schools to honor those institutions as well. Indeed, the top five schools on our Best Value list for these schools even made our list for overall Best Value ranking. That list will be published in our Fall preLaw magazine issue.

Yes, making both lists can happen. One of the main criteria is that the private school must keep debt under $115,000. And that was no problem for The University of Tulsa College of Law in Oklahoma, which had a debt of under $75,000.

It has the cheapest tuition — not including Brigham Young University — J. Reuben Clark School of Law — on the list. (Brigham Young University’s less expensive tuition is for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.)

The University of Tulsa’s debt was actually less expensive than the No. 1 school in our overall Best Value ranking, the University of Georgia School of Law in Athens, which had a student debt of $82,000.

The University of Tulsa’s employment was among the highest on the Best Value for private schools at 94 percent.

One school making the list might be a surprise. It's Yale Law School. And why is that? Its tuition is $62,170 — the highest on the list. The assumption is that the school is generous with scholarships. So it's a pretty good deal, if you get in, that is. 

The schools, in order, are:

University of Tulsa

Wake Forest University

Brigham Young University

Washington University

Baylor University

Washington and Lee University

Saint Louis University 

Drexel University Kline School of Law

Villanova Law

Concordia University 

Boston College

Yale Law School

University of Richmond 

Lincoln Memorial University

Liberty University School of Law