Law Student of the Year: Jaime S. McGuire, Liberty University

Jaime S. McGuire is a third-year student who has demonstrated a passion to serve others, particularly through children’s advocacy work.

McGuire was inspired to enter law school and become an attorney after a mission trip to Uganda where she helped orphans in every aspect of life: school, eating, transportation and one-on-one playtime. While at the orphanage, McGuire collaborated with a woman who served as a judge for the operation and was inspired by her to become an attorney and advocate for children and families in the adoption process.

Last year, she externed with the Department of Social Services, where she assisted social workers as well as handled many cases from the county attorney's office serving 35 hours per week. She handled roughly 35 cases in front of the Juvenile and District Relations court for the office in those two months. The cases included issues such as foster care, truancy, child abuse and neglect, protective orders and children in need of services or supervision.

In December, she travelled to Thailand where she worked with the New Beginnings Home/Foundation to help build awareness, prevent women from entering the sex trade and rescue women from sex trafficking situations. Most of her time was spent in Bangkok and Pattaya, the heart of the red light district, operating as an outreach representative. Her primary role was that of meeting and talking to at-risk women about other opportunities such as getting an education or learning a trade. In Pattaya, she also visited an orphanage consisting of children who have been saved from the trade or who were children of sex workers who could not provide care for their children. 

She works for Beneficial Designs developing and marketing technology for the disabled as the Marketing, Legal and Projects Manager for the firm. She develops assistive and adaptive technology, performs rehabilitation research, contract design, legal consultation, and standards development and serves as a rehabilitation information resource.

“She continues to be a shining example of a lawyer advocate by the clear demonstration of her ability to make an impact on communities, the nation, and the world,” said Director of Student Affairs David Miller.

McGuire is one of 25 future lawyers honored in the National Jurist’s inaugural “Law Student of the Year” feature.