LSU Law adds a mental health specialist

More law schools are ramping up their mental health support systems. That's because law school is hard, expensive and stressful. Some students have complained that schools weren't doing enough.

Add Lousiania State University Paul M. Herbert Law Center to the list that's responding. 

LSU Law students now have access to free health consultation and therapy services at the LSU Law Center from Catherine Seemann, a licensed clinical social worker.

Seemann joins LSU Law with more than a decade of experience in providing counseling and wellness services, having most recently served as a social worker and support coordinator at the LSU Health Early Intervention Clinic in Baton Rouge.

Seemann’s hiring marks a historic first for the Baton Rouge law school. While law students previously had access to mental health and wellness services at the LSU Student Health Center, they now have direct access, by appointment, to a licensed professional who is located at the LSU Law Center.

“We are really excited that Catherine has joined us. Our students’ well-being is a paramount priority for us. We want them to have all the tools they need to succeed at LSU Law and thereafter,” said LSU Law Center Dean Tom Galligan. “Dealing with stress, anxiety and accompanying affects are challenges for all, especially lawyers, and Catherine’s presence and the programs she will implement are a huge step in the right direction.”

Along with providing one-on-one counseling services to LSU Law students, Seemann is hosting several mental health seminars at the LSU Law Center. She holds a B.S. in psychology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (’04) and a Master of Social Work from LSU (’07).

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