Miss USA can sue you

Thinking of trashing beauty pageants for being sexist, demeaning, antiquated? Tread carefully. This year’s Miss USA winner, no doubt, could make a persuasive, well-reasoned, vigorous argument against such criticisms. 

She’s a lawyer, after all.

Cheslie Kryst, a graduate of Wake Forest University School of Law, was recently crowned this year’s winner. Representing the state of North Carolina, she’s a civil litigation attorney who also does pro bono work representing prison inmates.

She earned her law degree while getting an MBA as well. She’s an associate for the law firm Poyner Spruill, which has four offices in North Carolina.

According to the firm’s website: “Cheslie represents clients in a wide range of challenges including government and business-related disputes, constitutional litigation, and construction disputes. She uses her MBA to better understand and advise clients on the matters she handles.”

Think she’s an anomaly?

Think again.

Savannah Skidmore, a first-year law school student at the University of Arkansas School of Law in Fayetteville, finished in the top five. She represented Arkansas.

And the first runner-up? Nope, she’s no lawyer. But Alejandra Gonzalez, of New Mexico, has a master's degree in accounting.

Yep, girls rule. Boys drool. 

Photo: Courtesy of Poyner Spruill, credit to Bert VanderVeen of VanderVeen Photographers


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