New bar prep tool that connects law and life

Barbri recently announced the release of LawMaster Study Keys, a Barbri Bar Review companion tool that helps law students create memorable associations between real life examples and the law.

The launch of LawMaster comes at a time when bar exam scores are declining across the nation. To better prepare students for the bar, the new tool complements Barbri’s existing bar exam review materials and provides actionable methods to categorize, learn and apply the law.

"Pass rates are clearly demonstrating the need for more innovation in bar review," said BARBRI President Mike Sims. "One of the most common questions we hear from students during their bar studies is 'how do I memorize the law?' The problem with this question and this strategy is that memorization isn't the same as learning.  That is where the BARBRI LawMaster Study Keys come in."

The new tool provides a framework for each subject tested on the Multistate Bar Exam, or MBE, by connecting the law to a story or real-world scenario. Students use the framework to break down the issues invoked by the example and apply the law to the facts.  By doing so, students should be able to better understand legal rules, and the elements of those rules, tested on the bar exam.

The Study Keys are also equipped with augmented reality segments to further explain some of the more complex points of the law, according to a press release.

"Instead of just throwing rules and elements out for rote memorization, LawMaster Study Keys give students a structure to understand where the different rules of the law fit into the bigger picture," said Sims. "They also help students create the mental associations that aid rapid recall during the pressure of the bar exam."

Students taking the Winter 2018 bar exam will be the first to receive the new tool in December.