New England Law offers two new J.D. alternatives

New England Law | Boston is launching an accelerated degree program that law students can complete in either two and a half years (full-time) or three and a half years (part-time). The school has also expanded a part-time program for parents and caregivers that students can complete within six years.    

New England Law designed these programs in response to the growing demand for flexible law school programming in Massachusetts. The non-traditional programs will allow New England Law students to complete their degrees on their own unique timelines, while having the same access to coursework and experiential learning opportunities as their peers in more traditional programs.

Accelerated JD Program (Full-Time and Part-Time)

The Accelerated J.D. Program at New England Law is designed for highly motivated students who want to jumpstart their legal careers. Students admitted to the accelerated program can choose to attend law school either full-time or part-time depending on their schedules. On the accelerated timeline, students will complete their law degree early so they can enter the workforce and begin their legal careers sooner.

Completing the same coursework as their traditional peers, accelerated students are encouraged to participate in the same experiential learning opportunities, including clinics, externships, pro bono work, study abroad programs, faculty research, and more, so they are prepared to enter the legal workforce upon graduation. Students maximize their course loads during the academic year and take advantage of credit-bearing opportunities over the summer to graduate earlier.

“For prospective students who are eager to complete a J.D. degree but don’t want to disrupt their schedules for an extended period, the accelerated program is a smart choice,” said John Chalmers, chief enrollment officer. 

The Accelerated J.D. Program is housed at New England Law’s downtown Boston location where students have full access to the legal resources the school has to offer and are in close proximity to legal internship, externship, and clerkship opportunities. For more information about the Accelerated J.D. Program at New England Law, visit here.

Part-Time JD Program for Parents and Caregivers

The Part-Time J.D. Program for Parents and Caregivers (formerly the Special Part-Time Program) is the only one of its kind in the nation. Designed specifically for parents and other primary caregivers who need extra flexibility in their law school education, the new program allows students to arrange their legal studies to suit their unique schedules. Previously, the program was reserved for parents, but the redesigned program admits students with any caregiving responsibilities — whether for an aging parent, spouse, or adult child who needs special care. 

“We are proud to be the only law school to address the needs of a growing group of applicants who would otherwise never have the opportunity to attend law school,” said John F. O’Brien, dean and president. “We are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to be successful, and we are happy to offer this extended program to those who need the extra time due to other important responsibilities.”

The Part-Time J.D. Program for Parents and Caregivers combines day and evening courses in a way that is tailored to the student’s unique needs. If admitted to this special program, the student will work directly with a faculty advisor to determine the best course of action. Students in this program must fulfill the same requirements as traditional law students, but they have up to six years to complete their degree. For more information about the Part-time JD Program for Parents and Caregivers, visit here.


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