USC Gould Law to accept GRE for admissions


The number of law schools accepting the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for admissions continues to grow, with the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law, becoming the 20th school.


Traditionally, schools have used the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) as the single benchmark, but law schools are hoping to land a more diverse pool of students by using the GRE, which is more widely taken.


That’s USC School of Law’s hope: “USC has a long history of encouraging interdisciplinary studies, and we hope that students with an interest in multiple disciplines will consider pursing joint degree programs that include a law degree," said Andrew T. Guzman, dean of USC Gould. "We are confident that we will attract a broader group of law school applicants by offering more entrance exam choices."


One of the goals is to attract more students who have science, technology and engineering backgrounds.


The American Bar Association appears to be accepting of the practice. It may no longer require law schools to use the LSAT in admissions.