Where to research law schools

By Hillary Mantis

Katie, a college senior, sat in my office looking depressed. “I hear that no one with my GPA gets into a good law school,” she said.

“No one gets in? Who told you that?” I asked. “I think you need to find better sources of information.”

Her GPA, while not incredibly high, was adequate to get her into some good law schools.

When you are applying to law school, it’s hard to know where to turn for accurate information. There are blogs, websites and word of mouth. But unfortunately there is as much misinformation as good. How do you know which law schools you might get into? What’s the job market like now for recent law grads? Which schools have a high bar-passage rate?

Where do I go when I want solid data on law school admissions and the legal job market? Usually, I start with these three resources...