Casepoint announces upgrade in eDiscovery

Casepoint, a leader in providing innovative eDiscovery solutions in a single, cloud-based platform, recently announced two legal technology developments: Casepoint eDiscovery has undergone a significant upgrade, bolstered by 10 years of eDiscovery experience and client feedback, and it is the preeminent application built upon the new Casepoint Platform.

Casepoint Platform is an innovative technology platform that law firms and legal departments can use to integrate a full range of enterprise applications, documents, legal data, and workflows, into a single flexible platform. With the unveiling of the eDiscovery application rebuilt on the new platform, legal organizations now have the option to create and manage technology to meet their own specifications, from database setup to data processing and all the way through to the end of discovery. 

Casepoint eDiscovery is a full-spectrum eDiscovery solution that features state-of-the-art tools for cloud-based collections, processing, culling, review, and highly customizable productions. It also offers built-in artificial intelligence and analytics that are the most robust in the industry, with advanced tools for TAR 1.0 and TAR 2.0, early case assessment (ECA) and advanced data visualization tools. .

"Our eDiscovery technology was already the fastest in the industry, and we've now doubled that speed and created an entirely new platform redesigned from the ground up to meet clients' most pressing needs," said Vishal Rajpara, Casepoint's chief technology officer. "We are confident Casepoint eDiscovery is the best, most thoroughly integrated, and comprehensive solution in the marketplace."

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